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Facilities Management

The service of Facilities Management (FM) is not a “stand alone” service offered by CSC but is provided as part of our overall services to the housing sector under our “lease to own” form of development. FM is the last component of a fully integrated program and is intended to ensure that the assets are maintained and value added until the units are sold.

FM services begin during the planning and design phase of the program. Issues that can effect the cost and value of the program including landscaping, security, waste water, and home maintenance are evaluated considering life cycle costs, program objectives, aesthetics, and market capability to perform the maintenance. Each of these issues are evaluated independently and as an overall program to develop the appropriate balance to be utilized in the program.

During the construction phase FM activity includes the review of construction warranty terms and conditions to ensure that materials and services will be sufficient to meet the requirements of the program. FM also works closely with the CSC Procurement group to provide Inspection of materials to be used including visiting fabrication plants to ensure quality and schedules are being met as contracted.

CSC provides core team management services after the project construction is completed and the facilities are ready for operation. Using the latest in technology and management tools CSC provides the “call center”, contracts with 3rd party service and maintenance providers managing their performance with criteria for real-time evaluation of services. Maintenance services are provided for entire residential developments including waste water facilities, landscaping, security, home repair, and common area maintenance.

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